Moscow-Rostov-on-Don, 20 days (m/s Excellence Katharina)

Day 1 - Moscow : Arrival and embarkation. This city has been the capital of Russia since the late 15th century. There will be an opportunity to see city's world renowned attractions that include the UNESCO World Heritage sites'Kremlin, for example.

Day 2 - Moscow : City-tour includes Tverskaya Street, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Bolshoi Theater and Moscow State University for panoramic view. Great variety of VIP and affordable optional tours is offered.

Optional for today:Convent'the mysterious, famous and beautiful! Originally the place was a convent for ladies of noble birth. Many Russian tzarinas and tzarevnas, queens and princesses have been put there against their will. Those were hateful wives or competitors for the Russian Throne. Locals believe that one of the Convent's towers, the Sophia Tower, has the power to grant wishes'therefore they stick coins and paper sheets between bricks of this tower.

Day 3 - Moscow : Morning tour of the Kremlin. The Moscow Kremlin is former residence of Russian czars, an architectural ensemble of unique beauty, which took shape between the 15th and 20th centuries. The center of the Kremlin is the Cathedral Square that is a unique complex of masterpieces of medieval architecture. The architectural ensemble of the Cathedral Square consists of several cathedrals and palaces; one of them is the Assumption Cathedral ' the oldest Moscow Kremlin church, and one of the most important ones in Russia. On Kremlin grounds there also are the famous Czar Cannon of the 16-th century and Czar Bell of the 18th century.

Day 4 - Uglich : Uglitch is one of the oldest, and probably one of the most beloved Russian towns, and a place of pilgrimage of Russian Czars. According to a local legend its origin goes back to 937. Do not miss its fantastic view while your ship is approaching the pier! The ancient Church of St. Dmitri on the Blood is one of great sites visited on our guided walking tour. Uglitch has a fabulous flea market.

Day 5 - Yaroslavl : Yaroslavl today is an important Volga River port with a population of 600,000 that stretches for 18 miles on both its banks. The city was founded in the 11th century by legendary Prince Yaroslav the Wise. The magnificent 13th century Spassky Monastery Ensemble and the Church of Elijah the Prophet are of special interest there. The frescoes on the walls inside the church make it a museum of old Russian painting. There will be a city-tour.

Optional for today: tour to city of Rostov Velikiy that once was one of spiritual and cultural centers of ancient Russia. Do not miss the fabulous view of the city from one of the banks of picturesque Nero Lake.

Day 6 - Kostroma : Kostroma is one of the loveliest cities of the Golden Ring. The pride of Kostroma is Ipatyevsky Monastery founded in the 14th century. The crypt of the Monastery became the Godunovs' Dynasty burial vault. Kostroma is one of the few Russian cities retaining the classical layout of the 18th/19th centuries, with streets and boulevards fanning out like the spokes of a wheel from a central square. During a city tour today there will be a visit to Ipatyevsky Monastery; other wonders of this lovely place are seen as well.

Optional for today: visit to Museum of Wooden Architecture. This is an open air museum with wooden churches, mills, huts and other ancient wooden constructions - all of them are real, and some date back to 1552. Museum was launched in 1958: historic buildings were carefully brought here from villages of Kostroma region.

Day 7 - Plyos : It seems that time has no power over this small chamber town. The layout of the place did not have major changes since 18th century. The place is cozy and quiet, and people here lead calm and steady life of Russian province, just like century ago. The town is located on higher hills; views are just fascinating - famous artists of the past often found inspiration here that further led to masterpieces. Quite a lot of time is spent on your own today. Take a walk along the cobbled streets of this hospitable place; go up the Cathedral Hill, breathe the fresh air and take a look aroundâ?¦ Maybe you'll create great painting of your own afterwards? Who knowsâ?¦

Optional for today: tour to Suzdal that is one of the oldest Russian towns; many of its landmarks are included into the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Great chance to enjoy the sights of ancient Russia!

Day 8 - Nizhni Novgorod : Some call it a 'third Russian capital'; but Kazan that is also in our itinerary claims this title as well. The city has great picturesque location at the confluence of Volga and Oka rivers. Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod is among its most famous sites. This impregnable fortress has turned into historical monument over time, but one of the surrounding streets still strongly resembles fortification moat. Visit to beautiful local Kremlin is a part of a city-tour.

Day 9 - Kazan : 'This city, no doubt, is the first in Russia after Moscow'wrote Catherine the Great in 1763'clearly, Kazan is the capital of a big kingdom�. Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan Republic; it is very diverse, modern and ancient at the same time. It is among the seven largest cities of Russia. Famous for its Kremlin and the mosque Kul-Sharif Kazan lies at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers. Kazan Kremlin is also visited on city-tour. Optional for today: tour to Raifa Monastery, one of the best sites in Tatarstan Republic. Miracle-working icon of 17 century is among the shines here - lots of pilgrims come to see the Virgin of Georgia from all over Russia and abroad.

Day 10 - Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk) : Lenin was born here. The city was a Soviet shrine for almost 70 years. The Lenin Memorial Complex includes the house in which he was born and other buildings associated with his life. The city of Ulyanovsk is also home to SUV maker UAZ and aircraft producer Aviastar, however, is one of a handful of cities that has managed to preserve the atmosphere of an old Russian province. The city-tour is going to be quite extraordinary.

Day 11 - Samara : Samara is a large and important historical port. Just as many well-developed cities of the past, Samara was built where two rivers merge, in order to protect inhabitants and to ensure successful trade. Modern Samara is a fusion of old trade town with well-preserved houses, the features of Soviet period and modern times featuring the Old-Russian teremok-buildings, art nouveau and gothic temples. The city-tour offers more great sights.

Day 12 - Saratov : Saratov was founded in the 16th century as a fortress to protect southern districts of Russian Empire. Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, began his career here and did his first air-flight. Visit the museum dedicated to Gagarin and his life. Don't miss the Conservatoire designed in a Neo-Gothic style, historical Drama Theatre, and Radischev Art Museum with more than 20,000 exhibits. In Saratov there will be a city tour.

Day 13 - Volgograd : Former Stalingrad, is the site of one of the toughest battles of the WWII. Certainly, main monuments here are related to the war and soldiers' glory: the giant 'Motherland' sculpture; panoramic museum of the Battle of Stalingrad; Pavlov's house - legendary Soviet bastion, marked as fortress on personal map of German general Paulus; Mamaev Kurgan (hill) that saw particularly fierce fighting. Certainly, Mamaev Kurgan is visited during city tour.

Day 14 - Cruising : The day at leisure.

Day 15 - Astrakhan : The Caviar Capital or Southern Venice as it is called sometimes is really situated on 11 islands. Astrakhan may also be called the city of bridges: there are about 50 of them! You will see stunning examples of architecture. Astrakhan Kremlin with its magnificent tower clock is one of the best attractions during the city-tour. Optional for today: tour to Volga River Delta that is the largest inland delta in Europe. Its area is a natural reserve that is home to a unique mix of species associated with European, Caucasian and Asian ecosystems. The lotus growing in the Delta has been singled out into separate specie - Caspian Lotus. It is the only place in Russia where pelicans and flamingoes may be found.

Day 16 - Cruising : The journey to our next stop provides you with opportunities to enjoy the fresh air on outer decks and the passing by sceneries. It will be a nice day to recall what had already been seen, to have a bit of relaxation, to socialize with other travelers and to take part in daily activities of the cruise.

Day 17 - Volgograd :

We are back to Volgograd. This day offers quite a lot of free time on your own.

Optional for today:

  • Panorama Museum 'The Battle of Stalingradâ? has vast collection of World War II artifacts. Among there is a rifle of famous sniper Vasily Zaytsev - he's been popularized by Western media and in the film 'Enemy at the Gatesâ?. Museum hosts the artistic panorama 'The Defeat of Fascists Armies at Stalingradâ? - the biggest pictorial canvas of Russia, its size is really enormous!
  • Visiting military cemetery of Rossoshka. Thousands of Soviet and German soldiers died in fierce battles of 1942-43 near the village of Bid Rossoshka. All of them are now buried at cemeteries facing each other as a sign of reconciliation. Soviet memorial was opened in 1998 and German fraternal cemetery appeared a year later.

    Day 18 - Volga-Don Canal. : Today we are passing though the tremendous artificial waterways named the Volga-Don Canal. It is a part of the United Deep-Water System of Waterways. This canal connects the Volga and the Don rivers.

    Day 19 - Rostov-on-Don : Rostov-on-Don is: one of the largest cities of Russia with a population of over a million people; industrial hub of Southern Russia; cultural center with a large number of universities, colleges, architectural monuments and museums; agricultural center; important river port and 'Gateway to the Caucasus.' It was a Cossack outpost in the 18th century, and is famous for its magnificent parks and beaches. The distance from Moscow is 1226 kilometers or a bit over 760 miles.

    The place has a very nice city center. It will be visited during the city-tour today during first half of the day. Places of interest in Rostov-on-Don include Bolshaya Sadovaya Street the focal point of administrative, business and cultural life of the city; the beautiful park named after Maksim Gorky; very old site where fortress of St. Dimitry Rostovsky was situated in the 2nd half of the 18th century. Also one of the sights is the city's picturesque quay of the River Don.

    Day 20 - Rostov-on-Don : Time to bid farewell to your new friends and the city of Rostov-on-Don. Disembarkation.

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